Charlie’s Weather Forecasts was founded on April 21, 2008, when Charlie Phillips, then a freshman at Garfield High School, decided to create his own weather forecasts on Facebook and broadcast them to all his friends. The forecasts briefly explained what Charlie thought was in store for the rest of the week, often including educational meteorological tidbits along the way, and included specific predicted highs, lows, and types of weather predicted for the next five days along with a comparison between yesterday’s measured and predicted highs and lows. It was a grand ol’ time, and due to the community nature of Facebook Groups, Charlie’s Weather Forecasts became a hub for people to chat and learn about the weather.

However, when the major snowstorms of December 2008 hit, one major limitation of Charlie’s Weather Forecasts became apparent: you can’t embed multiple pictures in Facebook posts. These were significant weather events, and Charlie couldn’t stand the thought of writing posts without being able to show the amazing things the models were predicting. He made due for the time being, but on October 17, 2009, he made the switch to Google Blogger, which has turned out to be a much better platform for his forecasts. As time passed, he became a more and more diverse blogger, blogging about everything from the discovery of gravitational waves and Einstein’s theories of relativity to an adamant defense of nuclear energy in the wake of the tragic Fukushima Daichi nuclear disaster of 2011.

However, Blogger still wasn’t enough for Charlie. He wanted his own website where he could not only have a blog but also post video forecasts, host his own expanding weather knowledge database, and create a wall of weather information, all while learning how to code in the process. So on March 8, 2016, he made the switch to WordPress. Hopefully, he won’t be switching anytime soon.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CharliesWeatherForecasts/


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