Micronesia: Day 7

Saturday June 29, 2012
3:07 P.M.

So I have this big assignment that I got to write up tonight, but this is good because I can just change a few words and stuff and use it for my blog as well. Or, I could write it in my blog, publish my blog, and then change a few words to do the actual assignment. I’ll choose the former.

I just wanted to mention that there was a huge tropical rainstorm at around 2 P.M. It reminded me of the rainstorm Seattle experienced around 4:30 P.M., Thursday, December 14, 2006 (it was a convective squall passing through the same storm that brought high winds to the coast and Puget Sound region, known colloquially as the “Hanukah Eve Storm.”

Update: 10:51 P.M.: There is a massive, massive rainstorm… even more intense than the one this afternoon. A few bolts of lightning as well. Absolutely fascinating stuff. Rainfall rates are easily over an inch per hour.

Update: 11:49 P.M.: It is still raining a little, with the very occasional lightning bolt in the far distance. None of the lightning bolts were close… they were over some mountains and at least 15 miles away in most cases. There are dogs fighting, but nowhere near as intense as a dog fight earlier this night. Feral dogs are vicious.

This is all for now… today was a work day, and I’ve still got a lot of work ahead of me.

Until next time,


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