Tuesday, November 20, 2012

12:06 A.M.

Yesterday, I thought I had found true love. Sitting in math class, I occasionally took a few peeks out the window, yearning for the spiritual and enlightening connection I have been striving for my whole life. And every time I turned, I experienced a feeling so tender, so loving. I had no time for surface integrals. Instead, I bathed myself with the soft, silky touch of euphoric love.
And then just like she came into my life, she left for good. I would sacrifice my belongings and crucify my every societal standing just to get one more exalting smile and feel the that incredible, exciting, soothing empathy radiating through my every cell of my body.
Yeah, it’s pretty damn hard to date a midlatitude cyclone.
When the Pacific storm train really gets ramped up, you are transfixed in a conveyor belt of shimmering beauty delivering gorgeous storms to your doorstep. But when the conveyor belt ends, I would do anything to bring it back.
Long story short: this was the last irresistible storm we’ll see for a while. It’s never the right time to say goodbye. Farewell, my one and only true love.
I’ll post all that analysis crap later.
Yours faithfully,
Charles Robertson Phillips

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