Nice for now, but Rain is on the way

Wednesday, September 28, 2011
5:09 P.M.

Today was my first day of college, and also my first day of Atmospheric Sciences 101. That’s right, the legendary Clifford Mass taught me about meteorology. I learned some cool things, like what a Stevenson Screen is. If you want to find out what one is, you should take his class!

Anyway, let’s talk about weather. Right now, the Camano Island radar is down for upgrades. It will get this “dual-polarization” upgrade that will help determine not only the amount of precipitation but the shape of it, helping meteorologists figure out what type of precipitation is falling. This will be very useful for future snowstorms in the Puget Sound region!

Today was a pretty nice day, but it will be even nicer tomorrow. Highs should rise up into the 70s in many locations, and mostly sunny skies will dominate. We will be a little cooler and cloudier on Friday, and we should see showery conditions on Saturday and Sunday.

 Early next week looks pretty darn wet. Right now, it looks as though we will see three systems right behind each other. We will see a moderate system come in Sunday night, but we will see a stronger one late Monday. On Tuesday, we will see showers, while Oregon and California will be bombarded by a strong front.

I have to go do some homework, college calls.


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