Updated Pineapple Express Forecast + Snow to Surprisingly Low Elevations

November 14, 2009

9:54 A.M.

In a previous post I mentioned the possibility for snow at some of the higher elevations. And guess what? We saw some! Look at this picture from North Bend by Kathy Hyland from KOMO4 News. North Bend is at an elevation of approximately 1,000 feet, and they saw sticking snow. A pretty cool Friday the 13th present from Mother Nature, if you ask me. Other mixes of frozen precipitation including snow, graupel, and even true hail (an official spotter reported it up to a 1/2 inch in diameter) along with thunder and lightning were spotted with a vigorous convergence zone over north King and south Snohomish counties.

The models have actually been remarkably consistent with the major Pineapple express event coming up, showing over 10 inches of rain in a 24 hour period from 4 A.M Monday to 4 A.M. Tuesday in some places on the SW-facing slopes of the Southern Olympics. What most models are suggesting is that the stream of moisture will start out centered on the central Vancouver Island area before gradually shifting to the southern part as well as the Olympics and stalling for a while there, then going south through Washington and gradually fizzing out. The north Cascades will see a lot less precipitation, while the Central Cascades may get nary an inch. For Seattle, it will be a close call. While models have been consistent in bringing tons of rain to the Olympics, they have not been bringing much, if any, rain to Seattle before the front swings through. However, bring that front a little bit to the southeast and we could be talking about much more rain for the area. Stay tuned.


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